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Refresh Waters Products

REFRESH WATERS would not stop at just producing and providing our best quality water products to our customers. We now also promote our water products online. Please come and shop now.

Refresh Plastics Products

REFRESH PLASTICS is the producer for AmpiToys and various in-house Container & Can lines as well as custom moulded products. Please come and shop now.

Oz Water Filters

Oz Water Filters is a division of REFRESH WATERS. Since 1997, we have been selling water distillers and filters for residential and commercial applications to provide you with crisp, clean and clear drinking water in your home or office. Please come and shop now.

JAS Refresh Honey

JAS Honey is our premium brand used for our premium quality honey for excellent health and perfect complexion. JAS Honey is proud to be a great product of Australia, especially for our JAS Jarrah Honey. Please come and shop now.

VERA Sanitiser

Now Refresh is partnering with VERA CLS to promote the bio-based hygiene products, which are safe, odour free, alcohol free, biodegradable, and cost effective systems for cleaning solutions. Please come and shop now.

Dolium One-way PET Keg

New products: Available in all our Dolium One Way keg sizes: 30L Prime, 20L Slimline and 12.5L Slimline. They are light, strong, easily handled and easy to stack. Please come and shop now.                     

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600ml Oxyfresh Oxygenated
1.5L Refresh Pure Water
5L Refresh Pure Water
Demineralised Distilled Water 10-litre
10L Demineralised Distilled Water
500g Jarrah Honey
Maxi Climber
Activity Playgym

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Always be careful with drinking water. I insist on ultra-pure distilled water, which is totally free from germs, chemicals, inorganic matter and sediment – seen or unseen.
Mila Kunis

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I have been drinking Refresh Pure Water for years and find that no other brand comes close to its purity and taste.
Mike Sendler
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