Coway P-07CL


Coway P-07CL
Continuous extraction
Ultra-slim design
Consistent water pressure
Unique lever



  • Slim size
  • Its slim size makes it easy to install in any place in your kitchen.
  • Non-electrical water filtration system
  • Since it doesn’t use electric power, it is safe, and no electric change is needed
  • Elegant design & Unique lever
  • Sophisticated colors and designs make your home interior more elegant
  • A beautifully-designed lever is also convenient to use
  • Continuous extraction
  • Continuous extraction is possible by just pulling down the lever 90°
  • Consistent water pressure
  • Consistent water pressure protects the inside of the filtration device which otherwise could be broken by high water pressure
  • Anti-bacteria system inside the water tank
  • Ceramic filter controls the proliferation of microorganisms




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