Coway P-07IU Pot type with Composite Filter


• Guaranteed stable and high water flow level
• Direct connection to tap water
• Stylish bamboo-shaped design
• No power required

You can save money with Coway’s ultra filtering system since it doesn’t need power supply at all.3 Step water filtration (P-07IU)

Advanced filtration system with 3 step filter will provide you with qualified water.Compact size and stylish design 3 filtration system in one composite filter providing compact size and less space for installation.Filter replacement indicator

Easy check of filter life and replacement.

Filtration step:

Step 1 Active Carbon
Function: Reduce, rust, chlorine, THMS and VOCs

Step 2 Ceramic Ball
Function: Anti Bacteria

Step 3 UF Membrane
Function: Eliminate bacteria, germ and molds


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