400ml Sanitiser Foam


Sanitiser Foam – 400ml


Non-Alcohol Sanitiser Foam is a great and convenient way to sanitise and clean your hands and immediate surroundings. Non-Alcohol Sanitiser Foam is refillable, and protects you and your family in airplanes, public transport, schools, workplace, gyms and more. Pump the foam onto your hands and rub it in until it has all evaporated.

It is natural, non-flammable, alcohol-FREE, ethanol-FREE, fragrance-FREE and it really works!

It won’t sting or cause fumes. It fits nicely in your car’s cupholder and unlike ethanol-based sanitisers, it doesn’t expand with heat and dribble out all over your car’s interior.

Directions: Press the pump lever and the measured dose of foam will be dispensed onto your hands. Massage the foam into your hands until it has all evaporated. 

Now we can Touch!™    Always spot-test new products in a small, inconspicuous area first.


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